Market Update

Built Environment Market Update – 2022

Madison Park Group (MPG) actively tracks the broader Industrial Technology landscape and dedicates significant time to the Built Environment technology ecosystem. We are particularly interested in four key trends:

  • Software industry leaders focus on Digital Twin platform solutions that establish a common data environment and assure information flow – not only from planning / design through construction and into operations, but also from field operations to headquarters
  • After a series of missteps, robotics-based automation and other advances from the manufacturing sector – lean, off-site production, pre-fabrication and modular building – are poised to have an impact on construction
  • Of the advanced technologies being brought to bear, AI brings predictive insights, surfaces design alternatives and seems poised to have the farthest-reaching potential to change the built environment, with impacts across the full lifecycle
  • Global supply chain disruptions and increased attention to occupant/tenant experience represent long-term systemic changes that have fundamentally reset the operational agenda for owners and operators of new and existing building and infrastructure assets

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