Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Objective advice from senior partners focused on flawless process execution and building long-term and trusted relationships.


We have honed a keen understanding of the technologies and corporate strategies that enhance purchase prices by underscoring business model elements that enhance company performance.

Our clients benefit from our experience leading mergers and acquisitions as founders, operators, and advisors — buyers and sellers.

Working with Madison Park Group


We partner with our clients to identify opportunities (and weaknesses) that can be addressed before we engage a marketplace. While we are doing our homework, we lay the groundwork for how we will tactfully engage key parties and solidify our marketing materials.


Competitive tension and scarcity drive all markets – technology is no different. We have earned trusted industry relationships with both large strategics and global investors and garner interest by emphasizing the strategic potential of each unique opportunity.


Valuation is important, but often it is not the only consideration. We rigorously qualify the opportunities ahead of our clients to ensure all strategic goals are met and that no surprises emerge before we reach the closing table.


M&A transactions are complicated and complex. Having lived through acquisitions and planned integrations of our own, we work tirelessly to manage all aspects of a transaction and ensure all stakeholders are appropriately engaged.

Crafting great client outcomes

There are often commonalities across our clients, but never the same story. We focus on tailoring advice and services around a company’s unique attributes to ensure each client achieves their ultimate success.

Company Lifecycle

Experience and viewpoints influence outcomes at different growth stages

Competitive Landscape

Complete understanding of the threats and opportunities in the markets we advise

Desired Outcomes

Strategies are formed to the constraints and goals of our clients

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