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Madison Park Group actively tracks the broader Engineering and Manufacturing technology landscape and views the emergence of CPQ software as a noteworthy industry subsegment. We are particularly interested in the rapid development of several trends:

  • Given the advances in technology to easily develop CPQ applications for customer use, more and more companies are providing their customers the ability to customize the products they purchase.
  • CPQ technology combined with on-demand manufacturing is reducing inventory costs of poor-selling products.
  • Moving from CTO (Configuration to Order) to ETO (Engineer to Order) is allowing providers of large-scale industrial equipment the means to rapidly design complex machines, with engineers providing minor changes to designs before machines are manufactured.
  • By leveraging ML and AI with engineering design rules, configuration technologies can quickly explore larger design spaces and generate better “first-time designs”, allowing companies to spec products that meet the demands of their customers in shorter amounts of time.

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