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Engineering Software Market Update – 2022

Madison Park Group (MPG) actively tracks the broader Industrial Technology market.  As part of this, our team which is dedicated to the Engineering software market engages with companies across the eco-system. We are particularly interested in the rapid development of several trends:Madison Park Group (MPG) actively tracks the broader Industrial Technology market and has a specialized focus on the Engineering software market. We are dedicated to actively shaping the long-term success of Engineering software companies and do so by engaging with leading and disruptive companies, as well as investors across the entire ecosystem.  Through our recent discussions, supported by extensive primary research, we have observed:

  • A new cohort of companies has reached significant operational and financial scale, and are partnering with aggressive private equity and growth capital partners to pursue M&A
  • CAE applications are achieving new levels of analysis with the increased calculation power of cloud computing and the predictive potential of AI / ML
  • The Digital Twin concept is rapidly expanding into new untapped markets for complex systems such as data centers, cities, and even the human body
  • Today’s manufactured products require software tools to optimize across multi-physics systems as well as highly specialized engineering domains
  • Low-code / no-code tools are allowing companies to more easily analyze and leverage data for product development and industrial process optimization

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