Corporate Strategy

M&A and capital raising transaction are milestones on a longer journey.


Having grown and sold our own businesses, we know the impact a well executed corporate strategy can have when it comes time to sit at the negotiation table.

Our clients benefit from our experience making hard decisions as operators, approach to candid advice, and research-driven analysis.

Working with Madison Park Group


Our focus and experience means we have a distinct appreciation for nuance. We listen to our clients and relationships to build compressive understanding of the entire picture before we make conclusions.


Decades of experience across market cycles brings artisan craft and expertise to our planning approach. Our track-record and thoughtful analysis ensures clients have full confidence in their corporate strategy decisions.


With a complete menu of options in hand, we work with clients to chart specific action plans that enhance or defend enterprise value and mitigate risk. Our goal is to ensure that maximum intrinsic value is generated by our clients ahead of an eventual transaction.


We have worn many hats within leading technology companies and have maintained important relationships with our coworkers and industry relationships. We take pride in helping open doors for our clients and friends even when there is not a transaction at hand.

Crafting great client outcomes

There are often commonalities across our clients, but never the same story. We focus on tailoring advice and services around a company’s unique attributes to ensure each client achieves their ultimate success.

Company Lifecycle

Experience and viewpoints influence outcomes at different growth stages

Competitive Landscape

Complete understanding of the threats and opportunities in the markets we advise

Desired Outcomes

Strategies are formed to the constraints and goals of our clients

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